Quantify Technology | Peter Osmond

Peter Osmond joins as advisor to accelerate entry into US market

We are excited to announce the appointment of Peter Osmond as a strategic advisor to accelerate our expansion into the US market.

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IoT | Truly Intelligent Buildings

Top 5 Current Technologies That IoT Will Kill Off (Bet you hadn’t thought of No.2)

As we accelerate towards a fully connected IoT world, let's pause for a moment to consider the poor old technologies that won't be around to see this beautifully integrated new world...

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Quantify Technology | IoT | Mark Lapins | Q Device | Alan Boyd | Smart City

Microsoft Veteran and SmartCity Pioneer to Trailblaze Quantify Technology's Entry Into China

Quantify has today announced a key target in the Company's global expansion plans as the Chinese Government’s 300 Smart City program. This will give Quantify a key foothold in one of the world's...

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IoT | Mark Lapins | Truly Intelligent Buildings

Q Device Receives Industry Certification

We are pleased to announce the achievement of a significant milestone on Quantify's commercialisation roadmap. Several key devices that make up the core infrastructure pieces of Quantify's...

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Cisco Systems | IoT | Mark Lapins | Buildings IoT | Intelligent Buildings | ASX

Mark Lapins Presents at CiscoLive!

Managing Director, Mark Lapins invited to speak at Ciscolive! 

Cisco Live is Cisco's premier education and training destination for IT professionals worldwide. As an experienced and...

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IoT | Buildings IoT | Intelligent Buildings | Smart Buildings | Truly Intelligent Buildings

A Platform For Life

Take a look at how Quantify Technology's revolutionary Internet of Things technology platform will impact all of our lives - whether at home or in the workplace. This is the latest release from...

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Quantify Technology | IoT | Q Device


We are pleased to announce that the the interest received following the launch of the prospectus has far exceeded expectations. The $5m capital raising is now closed, having been significantly...

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IoT | Buildings IoT | Intelligent Buildings | Smart Buildings

Q Device Now Tested On 110 Volts & 240 Volts

Rapid development of the Quantify Technology hardware suite continues apace as our ASX listing and market launch of our products approaches. In the last week, our development team has successfully...

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IoT | Buildings IoT | Intelligent Buildings | Smart Buildings | Truly Intelligent Buildings | Building Automation

Commercial & Home Q Device Installation

We are excited to share a couple of short videos showing the ease of installation of a Q Device in a commercial building or in the home. Not only will the Q Device save on power, but can...

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Aidan Montague | Cisco Systems | Quantify Technology | IoT | Mark Lapins | ZDNet | Buildings IoT

Quantify Technology take on IoT - High profile article on ZDNet

Today, a global leader in tech news - ZDNet - published a high profile article following an interview with Quantify Technology Managing Director, Mark Lapins:

"Perth-based Quantify takes on IoT...

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