Ready Set Reno farm house taking shape

Two weeks ago, we locked away an agreement to have our products installed in a farm house renovation, which will be featured on the 9Life tv show, Ready Set Reno later this year.

The home is located in the regional West Australian town of Wongamine, about 100km north east of Perth, with the property boasting over 28 hectares of land.

Quantify has partnered with award-winning Perth interior design business, Indah Island, who will oversee the renovations. Under the agreement, Quantify’s devices will be installed throughout the house, enabling complete home automation with touch, app and voice control, with Amazon Alexa integration. 

Indah Island’s directors, Natalee and Mark Bowen also happen to be the owners of the Wongamine property, which has been in the family for over a century. With the house showing its age, the Bowen’s decided it was time to renovate and mix in their signature Hamptons-style.

Last week, we paid a visit to the site to check out what was in-store for us over the next few months.


Panorama of the living room and kitchen space

Although the foundations are still being laid down, it’s obvious to see that the renovations will transform the house when finished. A large kitchen will be met with several spacious entertaining areas, four bedrooms, a wrap-around porch and sweeping views of the land. We also can’t go past how beautiful the home will look with Quantify’s devices installed. 

Upstairs_Wongamine farm house

Quantify’s first visit to the site gave us the opportunity to meet the team and establish Mark and Natalee’s requirements so we can begin finalising plans for what is a huge project. With the installation of our devices set for late June, it’s important for us to understand every inch of the project so we can deliver the best experience to whoever steps foot in the house in the future.

What’s interesting is Natalee plans to use the house, not just for living, but for events, which is almost unsurprising when you see the size of each entertaining space. Quantify’s system will enable the rooms within the home to adapt as required, from mood lighting to music and more. It will certainly make for an extraordinarily unique events venue.

Another perk is, if the Bowen’s decide to modify the look and feel of their home in the future, they can quickly change the fascias and trim rings of Quantify’s devices to suit the home’s interior.  

Take a look at some of the photos from our visit (below) – only a small section of the old building remains, with new wall frames going up left, right and centre, as the house takes shape. We’ll bring more updates to the blog over the next few months as the project progresses.

Read more about the project and Ready Set Reno HERE


Quantify's CTO David Porter and CEO Brett Savill chatting with Natalee and Mark Bowen


The westerly view from upstairs


Quantify's CTO and CEO chatting with Natalee Bowen in the living room/ kitchen space


Quantify's CEO on camera with the Bowen's


The main living room is spacious with it's high roof


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