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Experts talk energy efficiency

Does building automation really help improve energy efficiency? And if so, are the energy savings enough for people to warrant deploying automation?

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Ready to Commercialise: New Deal Could See QFY Become a ‘Powerhouse’ in Smart Home Innovation

SYDNEY 2 November 2018: You left the house in a rush when you realise you have left the lights on. Rather than turning back and making yourself even later, you pull out your phone and navigate to...

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Harvey Norman Commercial Division to Showcase & Promote Q Device

We are pleased to announce that Quantify Technology has signed an agreement with Harvey Norman Commercial Division (HNCD) to promote and sell Quantify's products into commercial and residential...

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Our Vision for “Truly Intelligent Buildings”

As we move towards our listing on the ASX, scheduled for late 2016, we are excited to bring to you the first in a series of animations on the Quantify “Platform for Life”. These animations will...

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