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Smart speakers the talk of the town

Over a quarter of Australian households will be using smart speakers by the end of 2019, up from 16% last year, according to new research.

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Quantify features in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age

We're thrilled to let you know that Quantify has been featured in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age publications. 

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Limitless opportunities with new agreement

The West Australian home automation market has received a boost today, with Quantify Technology signing a distribution agreement for the distribution of their products with another Perth company.

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Ready Set Reno farm house taking shape

Two weeks ago, we locked away an agreement to have our products installed in a farm house renovation, which will be featured on the 9Life tv show, Ready Set Reno later this year.

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Simulated assembly, testing of the dimmer

Quantify Technology are pleased to give you the first look at the small-scale assembly of the dimmer, for the purpose of testing. The dimmer is the second product in our qDimmer series.

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First look: Feature Card assembly

Quantify Technology are pleased to give you a first look at the assembly of the Feature Cards.

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